OUR RDR History









Copied verbatim from a 2x4 email sent to the kennel on Thursday‎, ‎May‎ ‎21‎, ‎2015:


Having founded the Howlers I can assure you that the Red Dress Run has always been an Howler event. I started the Howlers in October 1994 with /ett (Loraine Bobbitt pun). People were complaining about the “G” rating the Huachuca Hash had so we began the Howlers to fill the need of a more adult hash. So the RDR has never been associated with another hash. We did the first three RDR in Sierra Vista and they were just another run not an event. In those days we had themes with our runs and running on full moons and new moons gave you time for some quite original outfits. One problem with running in Sierra Vista is Hares were not looked upon nicely, in a dress, and we sometimes felt we were in danger. We moved it to Bisbee and it was a match made in heaven. Somewhere in the next two years we made it an event that would be run every 3rd Saturday in August. iT WAS GREAT for the folks from Phoenix and Tucson to get out of the heat. Very few Huachuca hashers attended the first 12 or so years. If we didn’t have the visitors we wouldn’t have had an event.
With acceptance of Howler practices and songs etc. more folks from the Huachuca H3 began showing up. This is definitely the 20th anniversary as was the Jhavelina and Howler last year. We are one year behind the founding of both those hashes. I know since I was a cofounder for all three.